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Welcome to the Bookie Interaction Forum where you can talk and discuss anything with professional bookies, sportsbook owners, and anyone in the gambling industry. In our bookie forum, anyone can talk about anything that relates to the gambling industry. Whether you want to talk about sports, sports wagering, casinos or sportsbooks anything goes. Everyone is welcome to participate in a friendly and polite environment. Here you can talk about what it takes to become a bookie, running a gambling site or the industry in general.

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Open and Manage a Gambling Business

Want to talk about your gambling business?  Perhaps you want to get information about opening a sportsbook or need advice on managing your bookie business? Then this is the right forum for you. This is where professional bookies can answer any questions you might have about opening and managing any type of gambling business.

Open and Manage a Gambling Business

How to Open a Sportsbook

This forum is for those that want to know about How to Open a Sportsbook.


Sportsbook Management

Want to know more about managing a bookie business, casino operation or how to manage a sportsbook? The Sportsbook Management forum is where you can ask veteran gambling operators any questions you may have. That or you can just discuss what it's like to manage a sportsbook with fellow bookmakers.


Pay Per Head

This is the Pay Per Head Forum where bookies who use a Pay Per Head Software can answer any questions you have about it. Whether you want to know which is the best sportsbook pay per head company to use, the advantages of using a Pay Per Head, these questions can be answered in this forum.


Gambling Software for Bookies, Sportsbooks, Casinos and Poker Rooms

This is the forum where bookies and players we talk about Gambling Software for Bookies, Sportsbooks, Casinos and Poker Rooms. In this forum, we talk about which sports betting software bookies have had good and bad experiences with.