Players Who Improved Their Fantasy Basketball Draft Stock During the NBA Playoffs

Players Who Improved Their Fantasy Basketball Draft Stock During the NBA Playoffs

As the NBA Finals series between the Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics approaches, it’s important to note that the playoffs have been a crucial stage for some players to improve their fantasy basketball draft stock. This is a time when rising stars have the opportunity to showcase their skills and potential for the next NBA season.

Here are some players from the teams that qualified for the playoffs but have now been eliminated. We’ll look at rising stars who boosted their stock for the next NBA season.

Players Who Boosted Their Fantasy Basketball Draft Stock

Orlando Magic’s Paolo Banchero

Paolo Banchero, a standout in the regular season, continued to shine in the playoffs as the Magic’s key playmaker, leading the team in both points and rebounds. His performance was so impressive that his usage rate soared to a remarkable 34% in the series against the Cavaliers, placing him third among all players in the playoffs. This player’s potential in fantasy basketball drafts is fascinating to consider.

The increasing turnover rate is likewise an unwarranted consequence of the rising demand. As a result, Paolo’s potential assists should be boosted by Orlando’s goal to acquire shooters in free agency. Plus, picture this: his three-ball emerges out of nowhere. Postseason volume (5.7 attempts per game) would increase his value, even if it’s not at a 40% clip. Hitting the league average of 36% would be even more impressive in any sports betting market.

Indiana Pacers’ Andrew Nembhard

Players Who Improved Their Fantasy Basketball Draft Stock During the NBA PlayoffsWith Tyrese Haliburton sidelined in some games, Nembhard’s stats increased. Nevertheless, Nembhard remained reliable in every round, scoring effectively, locking in defensively, and assisting the offense.

In that series, Nembhard was Indy’s second-leading scorer (21.0 ppg) and top assist man (7.8 ppg), even though the Pacers lost to the top-seeded Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. According to sportsbook pay per head experts, he was only a hair short of shooting 50/40/90.

He would make the correct pass and finish tough around the basket in critical situations. Even though he was just a second-year player without postseason experience, Nembhard didn’t waste the chance presented to him after Haliburton’s injury. He has the potential to be a top-tier fantasy performer when given the opportunity, as seen by his postseason run.

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Jalen Williams

As part of the first-round sweep of the Pelicans, Williams displayed his versatile skill set by outperforming his regular season averages in four games, averaging 21 points, seven boards, five assists, and two stocks. Even though his scoring dropped against the Mavericks, he still had the second-highest usage rate and averaged more than double-doubles (rebounds and assists) than he had all season (eight to twelve).

According to pay per head reviews and news sites, Williams is barely 23 years old, yet he is already in his third season and was named the team’s fourth-best improved player. Williams discussed his playoff performance in his postseason exit interview and said he attempts to pinpoint one thing he has done poorly each summer. Williams has predetermined what he will do next year, but he has chosen not to reveal his plans for his repertoire expansion. Specific changes, such as going downhill more often and earning more fouls to reach the line, are to be expected. His worth will skyrocket into the top 40 if he continues to display his playoff-level glass-breaking skills.