The Premier League Transfer Window Opens for 2024-25 Season

The Premier League Transfer Window Opens for 2024-25 Season

Last updated on June 15th, 2024 at 01:39 pm

Those who bet on soccer will be keeping an eye out on the latest soccer news. And if you want to open a soccer betting business, you will likely do the same. This is because the Premier League transfer window opens for the 2024-25 season. Clubs can sign players from June to August 30. So aside from betting on the ongoing European Championship and Copa America, fans can also bet on the possible transfers we can see this season.

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Premier League Transfer Recap

Last season, we saw quite a lot of transfers. Arsenal spent a lot signing Declan Rice and Kai Havertz for $217 million combined. Chelsea also spent a lot with getting Moises Caicedo for $145.8 million. Then Machester United also went big with Josko Gvardiol. His $97.6 million contract made him the second most expensive defender in the history of soccer.

When becoming a bookie, your knowledge of possible trades is important when anticipating line movement. When a club signs a new player, the possible outcome of the club he joins or leaves can change drastically. We have seen results from transfers in the past that have affected lines. Bookies who are not quick to check the lines may risk losing money from sharps who look for these exact scenarios. Ahead of the 2024-2025 season, you need to know what transfers might transpire in the next few months. Especially so when the number of transfers increase.

Premier League Transfer Window Rumors

Before we get into the possible transfers, we should not that the other major European soccer leagues will not open their transfer window until July 1. So between today and July, you may not see as much transfer signings. But that does not mean that this month will be devoid of transfers and even rumors on possible transfers. There are already a few that are very interesting.

The INEOS team will have their first transfer window at Old Trafford. Rumor has it that they can consider offers for Marcus Rashford that would amount to $88.7 million and above. However, this is not an active campaign to show Rashford out of the club.

Manchester United, however, is looking to offload Casemiro, so we will be keeping an eye on him. We will also be looking at Liverpool, where Trent Alexander-Arnold’s contract has one year left, and they could consider a transfer.


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