Beginners Guide to NFL Betting

Beginners Guide to NFL Betting

When it comes to any type of sports betting, there are 3 types of gamblers. The gamblers that rely on intuition, the ones that relies only on data and the ones that relies on both. However, only one type of bettor can consistently turn profits in the long term. Thus, in this Beginners Guide to NFL Betting, we will go over tips and strategies that encompass both types.

Before we begin, it is imperative to understand that making a profit from NFL betting is not just about winning. This is because in order to make a profit, a player must win at least 52.4 percent of their NFL bets. Or at least, they do if they make wagers using -110 sports betting odds.

While this may not sound difficult to do, it actually is fairly difficult. In fact, only the best gamblers can consistently win 54 percent of the time during the NFL season.

Beginners Guide to NFL Betting – Basic Tips and Strategies

Betting Bankroll Money Management

Beginners Guide to NFL Betting – Basic Tips and StrategiesEvery Beginners Guide to NFL Betting and other football betting tutorial always mentions this one and for good reasons. This is because it gives bettors a way to limit only what they can afford to lose. Since the football season is a long one, that gives them plenty of time to make up for any losses.

Bankroll management is possibly the most important factor that sometimes doesn’t get enough attention when betting on the NFL. It may take some time as a bettor to adhere to strict bankroll management strategies.

However, it is worth it and helped many people become a more profitable bettor. While no bettor is the same and these rules might not apply to everyone, they are still some very key points that anyone with a sportsbook account should be conscious of.

Your betting account(s) hold your bankroll, which is crucial for your NFL betting activities. It serves as your leverage and lifeline, enabling you to take action. Without it, you won’t be able to participate.

Determining your initial bankroll or deposit(s) is not an exact science. However, it’s important not to be the person who recklessly places their entire deposit on a single bet, hoping to quickly build up their bankroll. This strategy is not profitable and can lead to unhealthy betting habits.

A good rule of thumb for setting a weekly bankroll limit is to make it around 2-5% of their total bankroll.

Don’t Drink and Bet on the NFL

This may seem like common sense but a large portion of gamblers drink while betting on the NFL. Needless to say, this is hundreds of thousands of bettors to do just and the sportsbooks love it. Furthermore, sportsbooks and casinos love to give out free alcohol. This is because it makes it difficult for gamblers to make good decisions.

Wait until you place you place your wagers before you start to drink!

Check Player Injury Reports

NFL football is a team sport which is why any small change can throw off the entire team. However, those who bet on football know that team injuries can be a little vague. Thus, you need to find out more than just which players have been missing practice and their upcoming game status. Instead, also follow Twitter accounts of writers for each team as they tend to have more details on injuries.

Diversify your NFL Bets

Betting on straight bets like the moneyline, spread and the total is perfectly acceptable. In fact, many successful gamblers mostly bet on those. However, Football betting forums say that you should not be afraid to bet on alternate bets by buying points and such. For example, if the spread is 3.5 but are more comfortable with a 2.5 spread, then buy the extra point.