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Is Pay Per Head good or not?

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We recently did a review of the Pay Per Head company and wanted to know what other bookies think of their pay per head software. We personaly think it is a good PPH provider but wanted to see what other people that have tried them out  thought about it.

Here is some general info about them in case anyone is interested in trying them out.

The Sportsbook Pay Per Head is a brand under the umbrella of RDG Corp, a gambling entertainment company. RDG Corp is well-known for providing gambling data, Betting Platforms, News and more. Furthermore, they also own several sportsbook and casino brands.

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Brian M
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I feel like these providers just offer the same features, although some are more reliable than others. I was reading about how much money do you need to become a bookie, and it says there that the pay per head cost matters. They also mentioned providers that offer rates much lower than what RealBookies advertises. So if they are more expensive, then they have to be much better than the others. But that's not often the case though.

I'll give their free trial a whirl if they offer demos. Let' see if they are worth the hefty price tag.